Dear All Souls community,

I am delighted and honored to be recommended as your next minister by the Ministerial Search Committee!  When they asked me to be your candidate, I enthusiastically answered “yes.” 

It quickly became apparent during the search process that you are a faith community that cares deeply for one another, asks tough questions in your ongoing search for purpose and meaning, and seeks to be relevant to the wider community.  Your search committee members were caring, honest, smart, and, dedicated – excellent ambassadors of All Souls Indianapolis throughout.  I said to myself, “These are the people I want to serve alongside.”  My conversations with Rev. Gretchen and staff members of the UUA only confirmed all of these good impressions.

I feel confident that our desired ministries match.  I am a minister who will accompany you during the journey ahead.   I will rejoice during our moments of celebration, offer comfort during times of sorrow, and urge you to live fully and meaningfully.  I can offer love and stability, while also inspiring you to greater service and growth.  If you call me to serve, I believe together we will breathe  new life into the heritage of All Souls.  This congregation has the potential to once again be a beacon church of the Midwest.

Candidate week is an opportunity for you to learn more about me.  I encourage you to ask me all the questions on your mind and share your hopes for All Soul’s ministry and future.  I have been looking over your faces in the new church directory and I am excited to meet you in person!  In the meantime, I invite you to visit my website, or download my abridged search packet, to learn more about me and my ministry.  It is truly an honor to envision our future together and embark on this journey.

In faith and joy,

Anastassia Zinke

Me at the office


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